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Spring Break

By Michelle Rossi Eddins

Spring fever is treated with a spring break from grade school through college. Students return refreshed and in a better mindset to complete the school year.

Spring break comes into play again when we become parents of school-aged children as a regularly scheduled time we can take off together as a family. Although for the primary caregiver - typically moms -going on a vacation is more work than staying at home. Sleep schedules are disrupted, menus and dining options for picky eaters and those with food allergies must be preplanned, and the amounts of extra gear required for kids can be daunting. I usually felt I needed a vacation when I returned home from spring break with my family.

If you don’t have children, without the benefit of a school calendar reminding you to take a break, you may find yourself hunkering down, plodding on, and the next thing you know, it’s the Fourth of July.

Everyone deserves a spring break. And some of us need a break after spring break. Not everyone can take a week or more away from their daily lives. The important thing is to take time for self-care to refresh your mind and body. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Gather a small group of friends and stay at a local vacation rental for the weekend.

  • Use loyalty points to stay at a fun hotel or resort with friends or much-needed alone time.

  • Have a slumber party like teenagers or a weekend at a friend's house, binge-watching shows or movies, pamper yourself with facials and mani-pedis and hang out.

  • If you don't have time to stay overnight, look for Groupons or discounts for day passes to local spas or resorts.

  • Get out in nature – plan one hike, walk, or outdoor adventure a week during the month of April. Download your favorite podcast or book and enjoy as you take time for yourself.

Happy Spring- You Deserve a Break!

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