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About Michelle

Writer, Coach & Leader

Michelle has always loved writing, but her life took her in a different direction, after her career in public relations and marketing, she focused on being a wife and mother. Through tragic events she found herself widowed at forty, left dealing with the aftermath of all that ensued.


Her intuition played a crucial role in helping her through extraordinary circumstances in those first few years. The voice inside her led her on a pathway to California, raising her two amazing children alone, while owning and investing in several successful businesses. Seven years later, after a cancer diagnosis and the death of both of her parents, she remembered her dream, writing and inspiring others to find the truth within and lead the life they desire. 


Michelle dedicates her time to writing about her personal experiences, sharing her ups and downs and how she overcame various challenges, remaining resilient throughout.


Michelle leads her life with authenticity and compassion. She courageously follows her intuition and inspires others to do the same.


Inspirational Writing

I always dreamed of being a writer, and now my dream has become reality. Sharing my stories with you, my aim is to inspire you to listen to the voice within, and always follow your dream!



Ever felt that your life has no direction?

Are you contemplating a change in your life?


Have your dreams been overshadowed by your everyday responsibilities?

Are you ready to start living your best authentic life?


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